My holiday reading….

I’ve been away on holiday for the last few weeks; my hubby and I took the Rhino and Tinkerbell up to the Kruger Park area of our country… we did go into the park a couple of times and we saw tonnes of elephants, rhino’s, Cape Buffalo, hippos, a croc eating an impala and an assortment of other little creatures that were just as fascinating as the Big 5. No cats unfortunately…we also had an encounter with a very grumpy bull elephant who decided that we were NOT welcome to drive down the road he was walking along. That was…interesting; lots of flapping of ears from him and convulsive swallowing/ squealing from me. (Normal people have spider or cockroach phobias…not me!  I have an elephant phobia; I was slapped across the face by a baby, orphaned elephant when I was a toddler and it made an impression!)

While the kids ran around- swimming, trout fishing, cycling- I chilled out and read. And then I read some more. My favourite thing to do! There was a fabulous second hand book store in Sabie and it’s against the laws of nature for me to walk out of a book store empty handed. I picked up Lisa Gardner’s The Survivors Club which I couldn’t put down. Love Lisa Gardner, when I grow up I want to be her. She writes like a dream.  Tess Gerritsen’s Presumed Guilty and Jenny Crusie’s Fast Woman. Then I hit my Kindle and plowed through a couple each from Susan Mallery and Kristan Higgins. And yes, I do speed read!

I also plotted. And planned. I have three HQN Kiss/Modern Tempted books to deliver, a Kiss Continuity and a Christmas Novella. When I say I plotted and planned, I mean I sat in the sun and contemplated my navel and allowed ideas to flow into- but mostly out of- my consciousness. I’m sure I had a couple of good ideas but I was too lazy to get up and write them down so I’m desperately hoping that inspiration will strike twice!

Just spending time sleeping late and chilling was such a treat. Of course, it’s taking me FOREVER to get back into work mode and my enthusiasm runneth over….NOT.

I think I need a swift kick.

Much love




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