Two pictures to a book…..

Last week I handed in Book # 6 for Harlequin Kiss and I’m waiting on revisions from Flo. I have another book due in at the end of October so while I wait for those revisions to come back, I’m starting to work on the next book. So I have a pretty good idea of what my hero and heroine look like and what they do and what their story is but I’m fascinated to find out who you think they are and what they do….what sort of book would you like to read featuring these characters? Do you have favourite tropes, set-ups, professions? Soldiers, surfers, businessmen, artists?

Wild girls, bad boys, nerds, geeks, gym-heads? The strong and silent type or the extroverted, heel kickin’, fun- lovin’ heroine?

What stories do you love to read?

Love redheads and this is my heroine…


And below is my hero…

9v286stp3prqpmv8d13ac0t2655152c290a1df8Let me know…




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One thought on “Two pictures to a book…..

  1. Fiona Marsden June 19, 2013 at 2:30 pm Reply

    I would kill to read a book about an artist. I’m getting a bit like. Another Greek Billionaire. So…what’s new? I’m also a bit over slutty heroes who bounce from some chicks bed straight into the heroines bed without cooling the sheets. Give me a man in control of his libido not ruled by it. My personal favourite is professional men, doctors, lawyers, architects. Money men have power but it’s hard to see them saving the world or giving the world something creative. My favourite trope is reunion but I like them to have been faithful. Otherwise MOC is good.

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