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Two pictures to a book…..

Last week I handed in Book # 6 for Harlequin Kiss and I’m waiting on revisions from Flo. I have another book due in at the end of October so while I wait for those revisions to come back, I’m starting to work on the next book. So I have a pretty good idea of what my hero and heroine look like and what they do and what their story is but I’m fascinated to find out who you think they are and what they do….what sort of book would you like to read featuring these characters? Do you have favourite tropes, set-ups, professions? Soldiers, surfers, businessmen, artists?

Wild girls, bad boys, nerds, geeks, gym-heads? The strong and silent type or the extroverted, heel kickin’, fun- lovin’ heroine?

What stories do you love to read?

Love redheads and this is my heroine…


And below is my hero…

9v286stp3prqpmv8d13ac0t2655152c290a1df8Let me know…




Why I love Africa…

If you connect with me on Facebook ( or at josswoodauthor) you’ll see that I often post pictures and funnies about Africa and the things we get up to in our little piece of the world. Africa is such an interesting, bizarre and wonderful place and when it takes hold of your soul and grips you, you’re never going to be the same again.

I’m not going to talk about the politics (frequently corrupt), the crime levels (frequently scary), the poverty and sickness (generally horrible.) I want to tell you about the bright winter days when the sky is such a dense blue that you want to reach up and shove your hand through it. I’d like to introduce to you some fantastic Zulu woman who sing like angels, work like demons to support their families and educate their children and who will take in an extra child at the drop of the hat when that child is orphaned. I’d like to take you snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Lake Malawi, across the Zambezi in a mokoro (a hollowed out tree trunk canoe) to see the Sioma Falls, a series of horse shoe falls where the same amount of water cascades over these falls as it does over the biggest (by volume) falls in the world, the Victoria Falls which is just down the drag.

There’s coming face to face with a an elephant like the one below (courtesy of my friend Debbie Patching Bozza who, like me,  is the ultimate bush-baby),


a python looking for warmth in your car (courtesy of

snake in car

or stepping on a puff adder like my husband did a week before I gave birth to our daughter. There are the baobab trees, biltong, Mrs Balls Chutney and Ouma Rusks. There’s the view from my friend Melanie’s house in the foothills of the Drakensberg

Airely view from Farmhouse

Airely view from Farmhouse

and the crazy adverts from traditional healers that can cure you of anything from droopy penis syndrome to amafufunyane (That pesky little problem of being invaded by evil spirits. )




There’s the food: bunny chows and braai’s. My friend Ramona Chetty’s chicken and prawn curry. A bunny chow is a hollowed out half load of bread filled with curry and a braai is a barbeque, but we always have sun and cold beers.

And our wine is fabulous! Ask my friends, Tracy, Linda and Kerry. We frequently do quality control testing across a wide range of wines. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it! 

It’s the sport, the Ama-bokke (rugby), the Proteas and the Bafana Bafana.

It the people, writers like Nadine Gordimer and JM Coetzee, Deon Meyer , Gcina Mhlope and JR Tolkien.

Nelson Mandela.

For every ten reasons anyone can give me not to live in South Africa, I can give you fifty reasons why I love it here.

Proudly, passionately African.



A Sneak Preview of My Next Harlequin Kiss


Resisting temptation has never been so impossible…

Living on the edge used to make maverick war reporter Jack Chapman feel alive. These days he needs some time out before he burns out. So what better distraction than delectable pastry chef Ellie Evans? She’s oh-so-tempting…and sleeping right next door! Perfect for a short-term seduction!

Ellie knows it would be beyond stupid to fall for a guy with ice in his veins who’s always on the move. But daredevil Jack is even more irresistible than her death-by-chocolate cake—and saying no has never been Ellie’s strong point…!

I have an alien living in my house…

My son has hit a growth spurt and I’m struggling to keep up. He’s shot past me in the last twelve months and takes great delight in pointing out how much taller he is than me. I retaliate that at 5.2 ” it’s not THAT difficult to be pass me; but wider? Now THAT would be a challenge!
So last night my 12 yr old son ate the following: two monstrous, man size portions of pork chops, potatoes, broccoli and brown mushrooms and followed that with a big bowl of cereal. And he stays as skinny as a rake. I need to take out an insurance plan to feed him when he’s 16.
Apart from the food thing, he’s also become so damn independent of…sniff, sniff, sniff…me. I just want him pretend, occasionally, that he requires me for something other than food, transport and money. Not going to happen…the best I get is a hug, now and then, when no one is looking.
Mommies of little boys, be afraid! Be very afraid.
Joss xx




Love this….

Something fabulous

I know things…rambling on about trusting your gut instinct.

My friend Kerry was totally weirded out on Friday evening when I told her that I know things…ok, to be fair, she freaked out when I told her that I’ve see ghosts (twice- a story for another day) but she did give me a sideways look when I said that I know things…

So, to be clear, I’m not claiming any huge psychic ability here, I don’t see visions, can’t tell you where that body is buried or where your Grandma’s diamond ring is. I just get a deep sense of certainty about things that going to happen in my life. Sometimes through dreams, sometimes through feelings.

Let me give you some practical examples. When I was 16 I fell madly, totally, soul-strippingly in love. He was my soul mate, my best friend and all my birthdays and Christmases rolled into one. We were together for two years and I thought (as you only can at 16 and 17) that he was my happy ever after. We were trying to juggle how we were going to carry on our relationship when he left school and one night I had a dream that I was going to marry and my surname would be Wood. I told him, he freaked and broke up with me. Broke my heart in a hundred pieces. But I knew that I would marry a Wood and he was the only Wood I knew and as a consequence I spent far too much time pining over him.

Until a blonde with a fantastic butt in ripped jeans crossed my path in a pub many years later. I looked at him and knew that I was going to marry him. I think I needed a tequila when he told me that his surname was Wood. Twenty years later and I’m still married, to the right Wood!

Other examples…

I knew I was going to be published by Mills and Boon. I didn’t know when but I knew it would happen. In its own time but it would happen. Six books later and here I am. I knew that my son would achieve a place in a provincial hockey team although the odds were seriously stacked against him. I knew. Deep down in my gut…

My husband and I have an issue we’re worrying about at the moment (sorry, can’t tell you, I don’t believe in spilling everything on social media sites! 🙂 ) and I’ve known, for years, that the problem we’re worrying about will be resolved. In its own time. My gut is screaming that it will be OK and I can feel him rolling his eyes every time I tell him not to worry, that it will all work out. I wish he could feel what I’m feeling because he’d be so much less stressed…

So, the point of this rather rambling post? Trust your gut, that inner voice even when you can’t. That guy you instinctively don’t like? Don’t date him. You feel uncomfortable about loaning someone money? Don’t. You want to turn left when you always turn right? Turn left. The more you listen, the stronger the voice becomes.

Because it is the voice of whatever entity you call God. It’s the essence of truth of your life…and it will never, ever fail you.