And ‘Baby’ has been named.

mitch 2And he has a name!
Thanks to Tash, I finally gave birth to a beautiful, beautiful boy and his name is Seb!
I tried James and that didn’t work but Seb is just perfect.
(Ok, stop drooling now, Wood! I can’t look at him too much or I’d never get the book done!)
Thanks everyone for your input!
PS James and Levi are for my next two books.

PPS! Below is my inspiration for Rowan, my free spirited world traveler who can’t settle down.





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One thought on “And ‘Baby’ has been named.

  1. Arpita Martin August 14, 2015 at 10:20 am Reply

    As I have said I have become a fan of yours! Since my Reviews are not being published because of some IT issues on the M&B site I got fed up and have branched out on my own where it will be positive Reviews on Modern genre as much as possible! Please do take a sneak peek as it is still in the making!All the best for your Son and family. Arpita

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