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Saving authors from a tequila bottle and gnawed on wrists….

There are some days when you just don’t want to be a writer, when the road is too tough, when your characters are misbehaving or not behaving at all! When you don’t think anyone in the world has bought your book, when you are so filled with self-doubt that you feel like finding a bathtub, a bottle of tequila and chewing your wrist off.

Writing is tough. It’s not for sissies. It’s hard to keep motivated, to keep believing, to keep the dream alive.

I saw this quote the other day and I think it’s utterly brilliant and encapsulates the writer’s life:









And then are days where you get a message like this from someone who has read your book and rescues you from the hole you’ve falling into…

‘Loving it was just a kiss, ‘melt-your-panties’ so funny and hot. Oh to write like you Joss.’ From Jennifer dellaRossi.

Or from my sister- another  Jennifer!- who has just bought my Sexy Duo with Liz Fielding who posted this on Facebook.

Proud moment for me today,telling the cashier that Joss Wood is my sister congrats J this will take me back to when I used to read your short stories about hockey tours etc as a kid . Happy days.’

So, if you have a favourite author who you just adore and you think is wonderful, drop them a line, write a review, tell them that their time spent putting black letters onto a white screen is worth it.

You might just save them from a tequila bottle and gnawed on wrists!




And ‘Baby’ has been named.

mitch 2And he has a name!
Thanks to Tash, I finally gave birth to a beautiful, beautiful boy and his name is Seb!
I tried James and that didn’t work but Seb is just perfect.
(Ok, stop drooling now, Wood! I can’t look at him too much or I’d never get the book done!)
Thanks everyone for your input!
PS James and Levi are for my next two books.

PPS! Below is my inspiration for Rowan, my free spirited world traveler who can’t settle down.




Kiss Snippets…

IWOAK 5 IWOAK week2 IWOAK week3 IWOAK week4

I need a hero name….

Help, help, help.

I have 30K down of my new work-in-progress and I realized that the name I had for my hero, Mitch, I used for a secondary character in If You Can’t Stand The Heat. (release date September 2013.)

My hero is a hot white hat (good guy internet hacker who tests internet security systems) and while he’s super bright, he’s the anti-thesis of what I’d think a computer nerd would look like. I’ve been using the name Eli but it’s not right and I am so stuck!

This is what I imagine him to look like, complete with the denim blue eyes! So if you’d like to waste some time- and have a little drool- here he is! Let me know the first name that pops into your head!

mitch 2



May Harlequin Kiss releases!

may releases

My pitiful advice to a mommy-to-be….

Our special friends Ali and Chris, after many, many years of years of struggling to fall pregnant and IVF attempts, are expecting their precious baby in September and we’re so excited for them. Chris and my husband have been friends since they were six months old and it’s so, so exciting.

I was looking at the stunning mural Ali has drawn for the nursery (maybe when it’s finished she’ll let me post it here to show you) and was looking at the decor and the beautiful cot and it struck me that it’s been ten years since we had a baby in our house. Ten years! A decade! Twelve since we had our first child, who is now taller than me.

Holy mackerel….hold on, I’m just going to take a moment to recover.

Right, I’m back. So, I was lying in bed- not sleeping. (If you want to know why hop along to the Harlequin Junkie blog and I was thinking about Ali and our conversation about babies on Saturday night and I thought: what would be the best piece tip I could give Ali about being a mother. (Not that she needs it by the way, she is the most together, most organised person I know!)

And do you know what I came up with? Drum roll please……

Do not pick up a puking toddler and run with him to the bathroom so that he can puke in the toilet. Why? Because then you create a stream of vomit in his room, down the passage and in the bathroom which you then have to clean up…all at three in the morning. (Because they always puke at three in the morning.) Rather let him puke in one place…..

That’s it. Twelve years of raising kids and that’s all I have.

Pitiful. Sorry, Al.

So what’s the best piece of advice you ever got or what did you really learn raising your kids? Let me know whether it’s practical or profound….I might create a little sub-section here called Tips for Ali that I didn’t come up with.

Much love