My first review….*grinning like a loon*

About two weeks ago I was approached by fellow South African Desere on Facebook, asking me where she could get a signed copy of She’s So Over Him. Apparently Desere has quite a collection of signed books and because there aren’t any other Mills and Boon South African writers (or none that we know of) she particularly wanted one of mine.

A week before that I got a box full of author copies (in the old cover) and thought that I would send Desere a copy to add to her collection.

Since reading the book, she’s been on the internet giving it fab reviews….so if you’d like to see what she says about SSOH, take a look at:

”And the spin of what happens when these two stunning characters lives once again match up was a true emotional roller coaster ride for me as reader. I laughed,I cried and could not wait to see what happens next. If the first book by the author is anything to go by I would say we are in for some serious brilliant reading.”

Sometimes, I look at my book and at the reviews and feel like I am living outside of myself, that this is happening to someone else. Sometimes when dreams come true they are damn hard to take in! But I’m trying….it’s still surreal.

I’m wondering when the reality will set in, but I’m so enjoying the ride. I hope I never take for granted how thrilling it is to put a smile on people’s face…that’s why I love writing romance.

And because it keeps me sane and feeds my soul. *grin*

Have a stunning weekend








One thought on “My first review….*grinning like a loon*

  1. Maria Perry Mohan September 13, 2012 at 6:24 am Reply

    Hi Joss, Congrats on the nice review. Any chance of an Indian release of your book?

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