South African Romance Readers Give Away

Hi guys,

I’m giving away one of my author copies of my debut novel for Mills and Boon Riva  ‘She’s So Over Him’ to South African readers of romance! (Will do another give away  in the first week of September for overseas readers 🙂 )

So, to enter, won’t you tell me what you like to see in romance novels? What themes do you enjoy, what do you hate, what makes you smile? Drop your comments in the box below and the best response will win a copy. Or maybe the two best responses will win a copy, or three….

So here’s the blurb for She’s So Over Him…..

What not to do with your ex…

Maddie Shaw has spent the last ten years not thinking about her fast-and-furious fling with Cale Grant. His dark blue eyes, his hot chocolate voice, his magic touch… No, she doesn’t remember anything like that. Only the numbing devastation when he let her down and she walked away.

Now Cale’s sauntered back into Maddie’s life – drinking in the same bars, working on the same projects, and setting off the same fireworks inside her. It’s Maddie’s chance to prove just how over her ex she really is…but one steamy kiss later she’s fallen at the first hurdle…!

And the cover….

I’m really interested in what you think and feel about romance books today, especially in the South African context, so don’t hold back!

Best wishes




4 thoughts on “South African Romance Readers Give Away

  1. YolandePienaar (@YolandePienaar) August 22, 2012 at 6:35 am Reply

    The most important aspect of a romance novel to me is that there should be … well romance. I want to feel the electricity between the hero and heroine, but it must not be too easy for them to get together in the end. The heroine MUST be a strong willful woman with her own life, which the hero naturally will turn on its head. Oh, did I mention the hero must be gorgeous (doesn’t have to be handsome in the traditional way) but he must have a strong personality to counter that of the heroine.

    If the romance novel has a dash of humor in it, I’m more than halfway sold. Life is hard enough as it is and if we can escape with giggle and an aaahhh, the author made a life-long fan of me.

  2. Romy Sommer August 22, 2012 at 7:38 am Reply

    I love this blurb, and can’t wait to read this book, Joss! Please don’t choose me for a free copy, as I fully intend to buy it. But could I ask for a signed insert I can paste inside it?

    For me, the best romances are those that make me either laugh or cry (or both!), but what I love about all romances is the satisfaction of the Happy Ever After.

  3. kathleenbee August 22, 2012 at 8:47 am Reply

    I love your website look and the blurb for your book. And the cover is gorgeous too! Happy for you in this special moment of your life in getting your book out there!
    I’m quite open to so many different themes for romance as long as there’s lots of emotion, a HEA, and that the hero and heroine have changed through the journey. It’s all about the journey and the happy feeling at the end. It’s always great when there are some laughs or tears along the way, and I can identify with the characters – they must be real and flawed.

  4. Elaine Pillay August 22, 2012 at 11:32 am Reply

    Hi Joss,

    I love your website!

    I love both a strong hero and heroine. This makes for exciting, knuckle-whitening dialogue and final “coming” together of both characters is spell-binding.

    A good writer let’s them grate against each other until they both finally break and the reader does too.

    I love strong emotion and a credible backstory. Finally, the ending must be one that makes me sigh and smile and long to read more about the characters lives.

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