On Right Brain Writing

The other day somebody made the comment that I have feel creative to be inspired to write. Being a basically polite person I nodded, all the while rolling on the floor laughing inside. Inspired to write? Outside of writing I have a pressure filled but flexible job in local economic development, two kids whose social, school and sporting lives keep me hopping most afternoons, two dogs, three cats, a husband, friend and a life outside of writing.

I can’t afford to wait to be inspired! I write whenever I can find some spare hours so they have to count…I have to have black letters on a white screen at the end of that time or I start to panic…and trust me when I say I’m a great panicker!

One of the best gifts I gave myself was a course on how to use your right brain to improve your writing. For those of you not familiar with the idea, the left brain is where logic, language (and grammar and punctuation) reside, it thinks according to rules and patterns and is critical and compulsive. Your right brain is where, I believe, creativity flows from. On those days that I get three or four hours of writing done and come up for air and feel like a million dollars, I feel I have been writing with my right brain…in fact I can now tell when I’m revising what brain I used. Right brain writing flows, left brain plods.

I don’t know anymore how I flick over into my right brain to write, it’s just instinctive but in the beginning I did writing exercises. Using you non-dominant hand, write whatever comes into your head for ten minutes, when you get stuck write ‘up, up, up’ or ‘go, go, go’ and carry on. Or, again using your non-dominant hand, let your pencil squiggle all over the page for a couple of minutes. Then write.

It really works. For me, anyway :-  )

Happy writing!




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2 thoughts on “On Right Brain Writing

  1. Desere Steenberg August 15, 2012 at 8:19 am Reply

    Stunning advise Joss thank you for sharing xxx

  2. kathleenbee August 22, 2012 at 8:53 am Reply

    I love those right brain moments – they’re the steam in the engine! But I suppose we need those left brain moments to edit our work afterwards and make sure the characters and plot are believable. Here’s to more right brain moments! Let loose writers! Nanowrimo is a good way to let it loose if you have the time.

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