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I know that I have neglected this blog terribly, life and writing and life and kids and life have got in the way. I also have quite a bit of work to do (for which I’m grateful for, I’d rather have too much work than none at all) but I am going to do my best to get organized again. I really am.

So, looking ahead in terms of books, I have a book coming out in September for the Tule Publishing group and it’s called Claimed By The Warrior. Here’s the blurb:

Bad boy Jed Hamilton is ex-special Forces and a current undercover “recovery agent” working for Pytheon, a powerful group that liberates stolen items—people, secrets, art—and returns them to their rightful owners. He’s mentally and physically tough, a loner and, above all, violently allergic to commitment, permanence, and anything wedding related.

So when he hears, in the very sexy McKenna Dixon’s bridal salon, that his much younger sister is getting married and she wants him to be her “man of honor” Jed wishes he was anywhere but in Cape Town, especially around the woman who makes him consider perilous phrases like “what if” and “maybe”…

McKenna Dixon loves bad boys, but her past experience with the species has led to nothing but pain and heartbreak. Jed Hamilton is exactly the type of man she should avoid, but when a nasty incident threatens her and her daughter Daisy, Jed immediately appoints himself as their protector, even though it’s not a part of his job description.

McKenna is determined not to allow another bad boy to flip her life inside out, and Jed is determined to retain his bachelor status and to keep travelling and working. But, as they both discover, love does its best work when you are busy making other plans…

Claimed by the Warrior

Claimed by the Warrior

And the pic. Isn’t he hot?

I also have a Harlequin Desire coming out in December called “Taking the Boss to Bed”. I’ll post the pic and links as soon as I have them.

Best wishes

Writers are… #amwriting (Found on book

Writers are… #amwriting (Found on

The person reading this…. is lovely.

The person reading this….

is lovely.

I am talking about music…

I am talking abut music and why it’s important to me on the Pink Hearts Society Blog @

I have sadly neglected this blog…

I have sadly neglected this blog; life ran away from me but I intend to do better. It’s my mid year resolution.

More Than A Fling

“I will consider doing the campaign—seriously consider it—if you sleep with me.”

When Ross Bennett has the not-so-enjoyable pleasure of hearing those words come out of his mouth, he realises he must have left his pants in charge. Because the woman sitting opposite him may be seriously gorgeous, but this is serious business—not some sleazy backroom deal! Until Ally floors him by agreeing to his terms….

Ally Jones may find Ross utterly irresistible, but that can wait: she has a thing or two to teach him first! Her first lesson? Everything comes to those who wait….



Flirting With the Forbidden- RT Top Pick and on reviews in general

I’m a fast writer and while I dive into every book I write with enthusiasm and fall in love every couple of months with my hero, there are some characters that just grab me by the heart and don’t let go.

Wild About the Man was like that for me and so was Flirting With the Forbidden. And when you put that much into a book, it’s nice when the reviews roll in. I appreciate every review I get, whether it’s a reader sending me a note on Facebook, a blogger, someone who took the time to leave a message of Goodreads. (Except for the man who recently told me that my book was beyond a reasonable level of stupid and where do authors come up with this crap. Guess he doesn’t like romance or my writing…anyway, I didn’t appreciate him much. LOL!)

But in terms of readership, the RT Book reviews are the biggest around so it’s nice exposure when you get a good review, better exposure when you get a Top Pick as Flirting With The Forbidden got in the April edition.

Here’s the  review


Or click here

But, and isn’t there always a but…it is just one person opinion, it is fleeting, it’s a nice affirmation (and affirmation is sooooo my love language) but it’s not what makes the world go around.  Awards, reviews, pats on the back are nice but you are only as good as the next book, the next story, the blood you are prepared to spill into your next work. (With apologies to Ernest Hemingway.)

The important stuff is are the connections you make with your readers, your fellow writers, being the best writer, friend, cheerleader for both your readers and your fellow writers you can be.

Keeping your sense of humour and a sense of perspective, keeping grounded and…real.

But, you know, I’ll take a good review over a ‘where do authors find this crap’ any day.

Have a happy day












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